Strategic Planning quiz

Strategic Planning

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Which of the following is an example of an outcome of strategic planning ?

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The management of an organization has stated that two members of the same family may not be employed in the same department. Identify the component of organizational planning that is being demonstrated by management’s action.

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All of the following are characteristics of the strategic planning process except the :

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Strategy is a broad term that usually means the selection of overall objectives. Strategic analysis ordinarily excludes the :

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A company has a compensation system for its managers based on a management-by-objectives (MBO) approach. The essential premise of MBO is that :

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Which one of the following management considerations is usually addressed first in strategic planning ?

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Strategic planning, as practiced by most modern organizations, includes all of the following except :

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Which of the following cycles does not have accounting information recorded into the general ledger reporting system ?

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A distinction between forecasting and planning :

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MBO managers are most likely to believe that employees :

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Formal written policies are normally recommended. However, the presence of certain conditions in an organization minimizes the need for written policies. One condition that minimizes the need for written policies is a

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An organization’s policies and procedures are part of its overall system of internal controls. The control function performed by policies and procedures is :

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What is strategic planning ?

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