Corporate Governance Quiz


Corporate Governance

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Which of the following represents a responsibility of a company’s board of directors ?

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The board of directors committee most likely to be responsible for monitoring the performance of a project that requires a large capital expenditure is :

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An investor concerned about a publicly traded company’s data privacy and security practices would most likely incorporate which type of ESG factors in an investment analysis ?

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The least likely item to be a requirement for good stakeholder management is :

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For which two of a company’s stakeholders does information asymmetry most likely make monitoring more difficult ?

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Which statement correctly describes corporate governance ?

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Which group of company stakeholders would be least affected if the firm’s financial position weakens ?

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Which of the following is least likely to be of concern to value-based ESG investors ?

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Which of the following statements about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in investment analysis is correct ?

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Which of the following statements concerning the legal environment and shareholder protection is most accurate ?

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The type of voting that is most likely to allow minority stockholders a greater representation on the board of directors is:

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Which of the following represents a principal-agent conflict between shareholders and management ?

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Which of the following is most consistent with good corporate governance practices ?

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The theory that deals with conflicts of interest between a company’s owners and its creditors is most appropriately called :

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The primary motivation of activist shareholders is to promote :

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The existence of “stranded assets” is a specific concern among investors of :

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Which of the following stakeholders are least likely to be positively affected by increasing the proportion of debt in the capital structure ?

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Which of the following statements regarding stakeholder management is most accurate ?

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The method of ESG integration that does not exclude any sectors but seeks to invest in the companies with the best practices regarding employee rights and environmental sustainability is :

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Which of the following statements regarding ESG investment approaches is most accurate ?

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An investor concerned about clean-up costs resulting from breaches in a publicly traded company’s safety standards would most likely consider which factors in her investment analysis ?

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A company’s management team is proposing to sell a major division because of low future growth prospects in that industry. To which committee of the board is the proposal most likely to be presented ?

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Benefits of effective corporate governance and stakeholder management most likely include :

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Which of the following scenarios can best be described as offering superior protection of shareholder interests ?

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The type of resolution most likely to require a supermajority of shareholder votes for passage is a resolution to:

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_______ investing is the umbrella term used to describe investment strategies that incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their approaches .

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Which of the following issues discussed at a shareholders’ general meeting would most likely require only a simple majority vote for approval ?

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Green finance is most likely an example of which ESG-related investment approach ?

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